You Won’t Like Sacrificing these 3 Things, But You’ll Love the Savings


  • Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. Sacrifices are a part of life. But some sacrifices are worth more than others. Especially when it comes to saving money.
  • There are 3 things that you more than likely will not like sacrificing. However, you will like the savings.
  • Sacrifice your name brand food, clothing, and other household products. For some things, the difference is negligible.
  • Sacrifice spending money at coffee shops. Take it easy, this isn’t a call to give up coffee entirely. It’s merely a suggestion to make it at home and save a little money.
  • Sacrifice going out as your “go-to” activity. Enjoy moments with friends at each other’s homes. Get creative and lay off the wallet.

Every now and then you’re required to give up something you like because you know you’re better off in the long run. Whether it’s a relationship, junk food, or a hobby, sometimes less is more. And to be quite candid, you’ve probably sacrificed more than you ever thought you would.

So… why stop now, right?

All joking aside, if you are in desperate need to cut your budget but don’t know where to start, keep reading. Although you won’t like sacrificing the following 3 things, you will like the amount of money you save. It’s honestly not as difficult as it may seem.

Sacrifice #1: Don’t Discount the Discount Option

This sacrifice may be painful. Although everyone grows accustomed to certain name brands, automatically dismissing the discount versions of your favorite clothes, foods, or household products may not be wise. As the saying goes, “don’t knock it, ’til you try it.”

Carve out some time in your schedule to perform some different taste tests with the help of a friend. You just might find that a lot of the more expensive foods don’t taste all that different.

Have a friend pick out two shirts or pairs of jeans for you to try on without revealing the brand. Again, the difference—or lack thereof—may surprise you. You’ll really enjoy the savings as well.

Sacrifice #2: Cut Down on Your Coffee Bean Budget

Before you get all bent out of shape, this is not a call to give up coffee altogether. It’s merely a suggestion to stop buying so much at the coffee shop. Lately, it seems that coffee prices increase every 6 months. It’s mindboggling how a large black coffee now costs more than $3.

If you buy a cup of coffee on your way to and from work, you’ll spend $30 a week. Combine this with a cup or two over the weekend along with a specialty mocha and your coffee budget could eclipse $150 a month. Of course, this is a slight exaggeration to prove a point, but buying coffee as much as Americans do costs a lot of money.

Instead, make your coffee at home. Buying your coffee beans from the grocery store and fixing a cup at home for your commute will save you tons of money. So much, in fact, you may be able to purchase your own espresso machine!

Sacrifice #3: Limit Those “Nights on the Town”

If you’re a fairly social person, this sacrifice may take some getting used to. Extroverts and those that are outgoing thrive off of human interaction and experiencing new things. But these excursions can put a dent in your wallet.

Implement safeguards to your spending if you just “have to go out.” Only bring cash so you can literally see how much money you are spending. Invite your friends over earlier to do a little pre-drinking rather than blow all your money on overpriced alcoholic concoctions.

Better yet, stay at home at least once or twice a week rather than always going out. At the end of the month—or the weekend for that matter—you just might be surprised at how much money you saved.

Besides, you’re not really missing out on much. Go out, spend money, leave late, lose sleep and… repeat. Saving money is much more productive.