5 Restaurant Apps That’ll Help You Save When Dining Out


Do you enjoy eating out and saving money? Typically these two are mutually exclusive, but they don’t have to be. If you enjoy trying new food and staying within budget, but don’t like to cook, give these apps a spin so you can have the best of both worlds.

Virtual Clipping With Groupon

Groupon has some of the best deals on just about anything. From bowling to amusement parks, all the way to discounts on seeds for your backyard bird watching afternoons, Groupon offers fixed-price options to some of your favorite places.

Perhaps you want to try a new steak restaurant but you’re a little picky. Finding a deal on Groupon will allow you to take a guilt-free risk without feeling like you’re wasting money. Groupon also offers cashback if you link a debit or credit card and use that card to purchase your discount.

Collect Points With OpenTable

The OpenTable app allows you to make quick, and simple reservations at most restaurants. Not only will you have a table specifically set aside for you upon your arrival, but you’ll earn points every time you use the service.

You can then use these points toward future discounts at your new favorite eateries. Purchase a voucher, use it, and reserve your table all from the OpenTable app.

Reward Yourself With Seated

Not unlike OpenTable, Seated lets you reserve a table through its app, only to be rewarded with a code for future spending. Just make a reservation, spend the required amount, and receive up to 30% of your bill to be used for gift cards or ride-share services like Uber and Lyft.

Use Seated for those expensive date nights as many of its participating restaurants are a bit on the pricey side.

Scooch in With Hooch

The Hooch app is designed for those that frequent certain places. So if you’ve found that one place that you go to once a week, see if it’s affiliated with Hooch in order to gain some lifestyle rewards.

You can exchange reward points for gift cards, hotel accommodations, and drinks at restaurants. Although sign-up is free, there is a paid version at $9.99 a month that grants you a freed beverage each day at participating locations.

A Digital Coupon Book With Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is another app that offers pre-paid vouchers for dining out. It offers very high discounts for most of its coupons. For example, you can purchase $25 worth of food by purchasing a $10 voucher.

What really sets Restaurant.com apart is its 6-month Discount Pass. For approximately $25, you can gain access to discounts on over 100 chain restaurants that will grant you free sides and deserts with your purchases.

This list really does offer something for everyone. Whether you enjoy dining out at a fancy place or love going to that dependable spot once a week, any one of these apps can help you save money and fill your tummy.