How much time have you already spent combing through your closet only to find that you have nothing to wear? How do you buy those new outfits you tried on over the weekend when you’re strapped for cash?

It’s really quite simple. Sell your old clothes online using the following resale shops.


ThredUP is a second-hand online shop that targets brand name clothes for women and children. It is one of the least involved online resalers and is simple to use.

If you are more focused on cleaning out your closet rather than making loads of cash, ThredUP is the way to go. It has a smaller payout but requires minimal effort.

Just log-on to the website and chose “Order a Kit” under the “Clean Out” tab. ThredUP will then send you a bag that you’ll fill up with your unwanted clothes.

Once it’s packed and ready to go, return the filled bag for free using the pre-paid shipping label.

ThredUP will then go through your things to determine which items they want to sell and either recycle or return the rest.

You are then paid through a PayPal account either once the item is sold, or immediately depending on whether or not your clothes are seasonal, trendy, or in good shape.


Tradesy touts itself as dealing with designer or luxury items although they’ll take anything you want to sell. It is slightly more involved than ThredUP, but your return could be higher since it’s more seller friendly in general.

Once you’ve created an account, just take a few photos of your items, add a description and list the price. One of the big differences between Tradesy and ThredUP is you are interacting with and selling straight to the customer.

Once one of our items has been purchased, you can order a complimentary shipping kit and send it along.

Tradesy does have a steep commission fee of $7.50 per item sold under $50, and a 20% cut on all other items. If you do your research and know how to sell your old clothes at a premium price, the fees won’t be as painful.


Poshmark is the granddaddy of them all. It’s a fun experience but it takes some hard work and patience. Rather than just listing and selling your clothes, Poshmark is a “social marketplace” that requires your full participation.

The buyers and sellers drive the success of this resale platform. You’ll need to interact by sharing fashion advice, promoting listings, and “attending” events. Your items must have high-quality photos and detailed descriptions as well as suggested accessories that would go well with the clothes you are selling.

It’s all about keeping your rating high in order to maximize your profits.

Poshmark’s commission fee is very conservative at $2.95 for items under $15. However, it shoots up to 20% for anything over $15.

Choose What’s Best For You

Each of the three online shops give you varying degrees of options. It really just depends on the motive behind why you are selling your old clothes. If you want a larger payout and have more time to invest, chose Tradesy or Poshmark.

If cash isn’t your only priority in getting rid of old clothes and you want someone else to handle the transactions, give ThredUP a go.