These 4 Online Calculators Will Make Your Financial Planning Easier

Personal finances are somewhat of a catch-22. People love making and spending money but they loathe talking about budgets or learning how to calculate their expenses. It really is a love-hate relationship.

Whether it’s liked or not, knowing how to properly interpret financial data and approach it appropriately is necessary for budgetary autonomy. Phew… that was a mouthful.

Anyway, here are 4 types of online calculators that can help you hurdle your disdain for fiscal responsibility.

Mortgage Payments

If you’re looking into purchasing a house, it’s important to know just how much you’ll be paying toward your mortgage. It’s not as simple as taking the purchase price and dividing it by 15 or 30 years.

You’ll need to factor in your down payment, interest, property taxes, and other fees including the interest rate of your potential new home. Sounds overwhelming.

Well, Zillow’s got you covered. They offer a simple online calculator that allows you to enter the different variables so you can know your single monthly payment.

It has some bells and whistles in the form of graphics, but it is limited in regard to loan options.

Auto Loan

Maybe you are in the market for a new vehicle but you’ll need to finance it. provides a very simple online tool that calculates your monthly payment based on your down payment, the cost of the vehicle, interest rate, and even trade-in-value if applicable.

Since cars lose their value immediately after driving off the lot, it’s important to make sure you aren’t throwing any more money away.

College Fund

Perhaps you’re planning on paying for your child’s higher education. Knowing the amount of money that you’ll need to save is vital. has what you’ll need.

It offers college specific data-inputs such as the age of your child, what type of college your child wants to attend, and your annual household income. The calculator will also show what kind of scholarships or grants that you may qualify for.

Annual Tax Return

Ah, yes, tax returns. A curse word in every home between the months of January and April. But it doesn’t have to be such a pain. H&R Block offers an online tax return calculator that will give you an estimate of your tax accountability.

It allows you to input your income, deductions, expenses, or whatever else you’re responsible for reporting. It’s also very helpful for those that do freelance or contract work as it calculates self-employment taxes.

The only drawback is that you’ll need to be somewhat familiar with how to do your taxes.

 Calculate Your Success

Online calculators can really help you gain a better understanding of what you can and cannot do financially. For the most part, they are fairly easy to use. Take advantage of any online tool if you feel it can help you become more successful.