The Best Books to Boost Your Preschooler’s Brain Power

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As a parent, I do everything I can to help my kids succeed in life. And there are plenty of things that we can do, like researching the best schools, helping them explore their interests or talents, or teaching them good behaviors and habits.

But there has been plenty of research over the years showing that reading with our kids is one of the best ways we can ensure they are not only successful in school, but successful in life beyond that.

Reading with your kids every day can give them the head start they need. Aside from helping them develop extremely important language and literacy skills, it can also instill a love of reading which will help them navigate school subjects later.

If you’re unsure of where to start, we have a few suggestions that both you and your kid will enjoy!

Dr. Seuss & His Friends

When I was a kid, Dr. Seuss was a favorite author of mine. The books are incredibly silly, and I always thought that tongue-twisters and alliteration made them fun to read. However, did you know that these books provide a lot more benefits than just being simple entertainment?

I didn’t know it then, but apparently they are written with a particular rhythm that helps kids understand language better.

The made-up words are more than just funny, too. The way that Dr. Seuss employed his own made-up words can help kids learn that language can be played with, helping them gain confidence in their own reading and writing skills.

There are so many Dr. Seuss classics out there, so how do you pick just one? With Dr. Seuss & His Friends, you don’t have to choose! You’ll never run out of interesting bedtime stories.

Elmo’s Learning Adventure

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Reading to our kids has been proven to help them build language and literacy skills — but to really boost their abilities, why not take it to the next level?

The learning kits in the Elmo’s Learning Adventure program go beyond simple storybooks. Each kit comes equipped with a hardcover storybook, plus a corresponding activity book and a set of activity cards. All of the materials work together to help your child learn essential skills which will guide them to be more successful in school.

The kits help kids grasp important preschool skills, such as reading and writing, words, numbers, colors, shapes and critical thinking. They can also help teach your child about discovery, health and fitness, everyday routines, and friendship.

Learning these extremely important skills early on can really give kids a boost. Early education provides a solid foundation for later accomplishments, and developing these skills are important for helping kids succeed in life.