Target’s 5 Little Secrets: Learn How to Cash in on Big Savings!


Would you drive out of your way to find the nearest Target? Is your pantry closet filled with reusable bullseye printed bags? Perhaps you even DVR all the trendy Target commercials. Don’t deny it. You most certainly do.

Well, your mind is about to be blown. Five of your favorite retailer’s top secrets are getting exposed. Read on to find out how you can cash in on big time savings at Target!

Secret #1: Mark Down Schedule

More than likely you are aware that Target marks down certain departments’ items on pre-determined days of the week. The trick is finding out the schedule and planning your shopping accordingly. Below is a sample of the secret markdown schedule put together by Christy Palmer, founder of the All Things Target blog:

Monday: Electronics, accessories
Tuesday: Domestic goods, women’s clothing
Wednesday: Men’s clothing, health & beauty
Thursday: Houseware, lingerie, shoes, toys
Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware

Secret #2: Sale Price Refunds

It is absolutely frustrating when you purchase an item at full-price only to find out it went on sale the very next day. Well, you can kiss those feelings away, because Target offers sale price refunds for items purchased up to two weeks prior to the initial sale date. Just take note of some of the items that are excluded.

Secret #3: Clearance Rules

Most retailers have clearance sales and Target is no exception. Target follows a specific system in how the clearance percentages are applied. An item with a red or yellow sticker will start at 15% to 30%, move to %50, and finally end at 70%.

If you see a pair of shoes or a shirt you really like but are strapped for cash, take a look at the clearance code and determine if it could reduce in price the following week. Of course, there is risk involved but it could be well worth it.

Pro tip: if an item’s price ends in 4 cents, it won’t be going any lower.

Secret #4: Wedding Registry Loop-Hole

According to Becky Beach, founder of, you can create a list with Target’s registry in order to save extra money. Just list the items you need, wait for the registry dates to expire and use the 15% off that Target gives you for the items that weren’t purchased. You don’t even have to be married to participate. Win-win!

Secret #5: Stacks on Stacks

Target will accept more than one coupon during checkout so there is no need to be embarrassed when you empty your wallet or purse. You can use a Target coupon, a coupon from the newspaper or an email, and a manufacturer’s coupon for the same purchase. Combine this with your REDcard and they’ll be paying you to take their stuff!

Happy shopping!