Stop Buying New: How Pre-Owned Goods Can Save You Tons!


There is nothing like unboxing a brand new laptop or climbing into a brand new vehicle for the first time. It’s not unusual to crave the new and exciting. In fact, retailers and manufacturers build their business model around the expectation that consumers will buy their latest and greatest products.

Unfortunately, new comes with a hefty price tag. You’ll often pay two or three times more for a new item than for something equally comparable that’s slightly worn. Don’t always fall for the “newer is better” mantra that companies spew. Read on to find out ways you can rent or buy pre-owned goods that will be just as useful but for half the price.

Shop for Pre-owned Vehicles

When people think of used cars they immediately imagine a broken down car lot run by an obnoxious loudmouth wearing outlandish clothes trying to swindle you into buying a ten-year-old car. Public Service Announcement: movies aren’t real. You can toss that idea out the proverbial car window.

Pre-owned cars—sounds a lot better than “used” to be honest—can offer just as much as the latest models. You’ll want to look for cars that are almost new, maybe 3-4 years old with low mileage. Buying a slightly older pre-owned vehicle will save you thousands of dollars rather than purchasing the newest model with basically the same “bells and whistles.”

Of course, you will need to do your research on whether or not the vehicle you are eyeing has any frame or flood damage. A car history report should inform you of any previous accidents or damages that the car has experienced. A car doesn’t have to be brand new in order for it to feel new to you!

Rent or Purchase Second-Hand Clothes

If you have a young infant or growing children, you’ve noticed that they outgrow their clothes very quickly. Perhaps you’ve gone to the department store, picked out an awesome outfit for Tommy to wear to his first birthday party, only to find out he outgrew it while you were waiting in the checkout line!

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but the point remains, kids don’t wear the same clothes for very long as their body grows and changes. Instead of buying brand new clothes, visit thrift stores or borrow clothes from your friends or neighbors. Help out a fellow struggling mother by purchasing her kids’ old clothes so she can buy more to keep her kids from running around naked.

Maybe you have a hot date and you need a new dress or sports jacket in order to wow your partner. Instead of dropping money for something you may only wear once, rent an outfit for one-sixth of the price. Rent the Runway may have just what you need for that one-time occasion.

Look Into Refurbished Electronics

Technology companies are notorious for charging exorbitant prices for their latest devices. Flat-screen TVs, smart devices, video game consoles, and laptops often receive the highest price tags when new models are released.

Do your research and look for refurbished electronics that are either a year or two older or perhaps just no longer needed so the previous owner is just wanting to get rid of it quickly. You can always find a deal if you look hard enough.

Many of these tech companies will offer refurbished products, but you’ll still need to perform some due diligence. Not all companies use the term “refurbished” the same way. However, it is not uncommon to find an older laptop model that performs basically the same as a newer model for 75% of the MSRP.

You certainly do not need to spend the same amount of money as the high-rollers in order to have comparable and reliable up-to-date items. The extra time spent looking at how you can better spend your money will be worth the extra savings. Give it a go. You won’t be disappointed!