Everyone knows what it feels like to be a bit short on cash. If you find yourself a bit light on cash before payday, you might find yourself wondering how to make some money quickly. Some might joke that there are no legal ways to make quick money on the side, but this isn’t true.

Here are a few simple things you can try to get a few dollars in your pocket without breaking any laws.

Donating Plasma

If you’re in good health and eligible to do so, you can make money by donating plasma. Doing so isn’t dangerous for your health and can be a huge help for people in emergency scenarios. What’s more, you can make considerable money from doing so: some services can pay you as much as $600 in the first month you choose to donate.

This is a surprisingly effective way to make some money on the side, though it can seem a bit ghoulish. Selling your own blood to make ends meet is a bit icky on paper, but the results are undeniable. You’ll be helping hospital patients and filling your wallet, so it’s really a win-win.

Selling Old Clothes

Secondhand stores are always in need of new clothes. While you might be considering donating your clothes to charity, if you’re short on money you might be in need of a bit of charity yourself. If this is the case, you can visit secondhand clothing stores that can pay you for gently worn clothing.

This is especially true if you have designer clothing you’re no longer wearing.

This can make you some serious money while also cleaning out your closet. Not to mention, recycling clothes in this manner is great for the environment. Secondhand clothes help people get new outfits for a low cost, keep companies from making too many new garments, and can fill your pockets with some spending money.

Taking Surveys

You can make actual money from taking surveys for companies. This might sound like a scam, but it’s true. Several companies pay subsidiaries to administer surveys in exchange for paying participants. While it’s not a considerable sum of money, it can add up quickly!

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands and don’t mind selling your opinions to some faceless corporations, then you can make a bit of pocket money on the side. Remember, only answer surveys from reputable sites, and don’t give them close personal information like Social Security numbers.