Money-Saving Tips That Can Work for Just About Anyone


If you’re anything like us, you probably shake your head when you see money-saving tips. Most financial sites seem to think everyone is just swimming in cash, and needs help buying a second yacht or something. We get that, so we’re big on money-saving tips that anyone can put to work. No matter how much you make, these tips should save you a few bucks.

Don’t Get Fooled by “Deals”

Some people fall for sales and “deals” that are actually just a clever way to get your money. Take, for instance, grocery store coupons. Often, grocery stores mail out flyers with all of their weekly deals and specials. One or two of these might actually be a really good deal. However, they could be on items you don’t normally buy.

Going out of your way to buy something just because it’s on sale doesn’t actually save you money. If you already intend to get something, look for sales on it. However, don’t purchase an item just because it’s marked down! That just leads to extra spending you could have avoided.

Craft a Budget

When you’re looking at your finances, craft a budget. Where does the money go when you make it? Are you spending a ton on subscription services you could cut? Maybe you’ve got a lot of bills you’ve been putting off. There’s a lot to be said for having a plan for your money before you even make it.

If you’re able to critically look at your finances and craft a good budget, you can assume control of your cash. Some people get into the first week of a pay period and think “where did all my money go?” Don’t let this be you. Assume control of your finances.

Have a Goal in Mind

When you’re saving up, it helps to have a goal in mind. What are your financial goals? Maybe you’re looking to build a solid retirement fund. Or, maybe you want to go on a nice vacation next summer. Whatever it may be, you should visualize it. This will help you think about your savings in terms of what they will net you.

If you’re just aimlessly throwing money back into a savings account, it can be tempting to draw from it. You see some shiny new thing you want, so you withdraw some money and buy it. This happens a few times and then, poof, savings all gone. Make sure you don’t let this happen by directing your savings to a goal!