Living on a Houseboat: It’s Risky But it Might Be Worth it.


Living in an urban city is financially taxing. You’ll pay a high price for a small place and the traffic may break your resolve. Renting can be a viable option for some, but it’s literally like setting your cash on fire and watching it burn.

So, you don’t want a traditional home but you do want to stay in the city? Buy a houseboat!

How Do You Know if a Houseboat is Right For You?

To be blunt, buying a traditional home is almost always a better investment. But the criteria for whether or not buying a houseboat is a smart investment for you depends on some very specific parameters.

Houseboats—or the more stationary Floating Houses—do not appreciate anywhere near the rate of a traditional home. In fact, houseboats do the opposite.

However, if you can find the right price and know exactly what type of lifestyle you want to live, you may feel comfortable with purchasing an unconventional home.

If you live in the right city, buying a houseboat could be quite an advantage. If your city has plenty of waterways that flow near the places that you frequent, convenience could be a comparable trade-off with financial savings.

And for those who absolutely dread their commute, a houseboat may be worth your sanity.

Perhaps you are investing in other property that will one day be your home upon retirement. Or maybe you are looking to sell this piece of property to pay off your houseboat quicker.

Investing in other areas can help give you peace of mind in case your houseboat life sinks.

The Greater the Risk, the Greater the Reward

Sometimes taking a calculated risk can result in great gain. And sometimes it can cause you to take two-steps back financially. Either way, it’s important that you do the proper research to ensure as much as possible that you are making the best decision according to your situation and circumstances.

For those who are seriously considering an investment in a houseboat—or any other unconventional housing arrangement—you’ll want to consider every possible worst-case scenario. It really just depends on what you value.

Are you someone that loathes paying high rent, commuting to work, and city living? Would you rather spend your hard earned money on convenience and waterfront tranquility?

Then a houseboat may be a viable option. It cannot be stressed enough how risky an investment in a houseboat is, but that may not matter to you. Just make sure you think long and hard about your decision.

Oh, and don’t forget to learn how to swim. Just in case.