Live On Your Social Security in These 3 Cities


It seems that the topic of social security is talked about in the news almost every day. It certainly is a hot topic that affects millions of people—whether now or in the future.

One of the biggest concerns is whether or not someone can retire and live on their social security benefits alone without having to find extra streams of revenue.

The good news is that it is possible and these 3 cities are prime spots to make it happen.

Palm Bay, Florida

Palm Bay, Florida may come as no surprise as it is highly regarded as a favorite retirement destination. Spending the rest of your days sprawled out on the beach, listening to the waves while soaking up the sun is anyone’s dream. Aside from the weather, one of the greatest benefits of living in the Sunshine State is the absence of income tax.

Saving money on taxes while on a shoe-string social security budget is very important. The money saved alone could carry you over into the next month. The average cost of a home hovers around $180,000 and monthly rent for a 900 square-foot apartment will only cost $1,000.

Couple this with the numerous free outdoor activities and money saved on transportation due to the city’s small size, and you’ll be living quite comfortably.

Sun City, Arizona

If you’re looking for an affordable place to settle down and retire, look no further than Sun City, Arizona. With approximately three-fourths of its residents over 65 years old, you’ll be looking at spending your golden years with those from your high school graduating class—not sure if that’s a good thing, however.

The median cost of a home is identical to that of Palm Bay at $180,000, and although rent is slightly higher, the community offers a plethora of amenities for its retirees. Perks include museums, hiking trails, and social clubs at little to no cost.

Due to the small size of the city, residents can rent golf carts in order to get around, making travel very inexpensive. Besides, Phoenix is only 30 minutes away in case you still crave adventure.

Brownsville, Texas

Since Texas doesn’t have state income tax either, it’s also a go-to destination for those wanting to retire—specifically the small city of Brownsville. The median house value is only $90,000 and the average monthly rent sits at around $700 a month.

The weather is ideal for those who don’t like it too hot or too cold. On average, the sun shines during 233 days of the year and the temperature during the winter months settles in the 50s. Brownsville is also about an hour from the next largest city that includes various activities and attractions.

Living on Social Security alone can be a difficult task and it’s not for the faint of heart but it is possible. Spokane, Washington is another retirement destination that boasts of the same benefits although the cost of living is a bit higher.