JUUL Lawsuits- Take Action Now

The Dangers of Vaping

When smoke-free nicotine products first hit the market, vaping seemed too good to be true.

Turns out it was.

As the recent class-action Juul lawsuits, flavor bans and raising of the legal smoking age proves, vaping offered more hidden dangers than we thought. Here’s what you need to know about vaping.

Epidemic of Vape-Related Lung Disease

In September 2019, both the Centers for Disease Control and the Food & Drug Administration issued warning about the dangers of vaping. The agencies urged people not to use e-cigarettes and to avoid modifying them or using “off the street” products.

Those warnings were prompted by a number of deaths related to vaping. Last year, over 2000 people developed lung disease from using vape products. Of those, nearly 50 died.

Juul Lawsuits Sparks Real Change

The popular vape company Juul was forced to pull many of its products–specifically, the ones that appeal most to teens and children.  It’s estimated that a staggering 30% of high school students use vape products; many of them will go on to smoke tobacco cigarettes as well.

The many Juul lawsuits included a class-action claim that the company intentionally targeted minors. Because of these class-action and civil suits, the company was forced to change the way it does business. They discontinued certain ads that targeted younger audiences and stopped making dessert flavors that were more tempting for kids.

We Still Don’t Know the Long-Term Effects of Vaping

While it was clear that vaping caused acute respiratory disease in thousands of patients, we don’t know what other effects it might have on users long-term.

Vaping can increase inflammation, making it harder to breathe. It also paralyzes the natural filters inside the lungs, which could make it a lot easier to develop serious illnesses like pneumonia.

Doctors also believe that vaping could take a toll on your heart as well, since nicotine is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.