Jennifer Aniston Shocks ‘Friends’ Super Fans By Doing This

YouTube | The Ellen Show

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Central Perk and seeing the “Friends” cast sitting on their iconic couch, talking about their latest date blunder and sipping coffee? You might not know this, but you can visit the actual, real set at the Warner Bros studio.

Jennifer Aniston was a guest host on “Ellen” when she decided to pay a visit to her old stomping grounds – the Central Perk – and surprise some super fans visiting.

Hiding Behind the Couch

Jennifer aniston hiding behind the couch on the set of friends
YouTube | The Ellen Show

Jen hid behind the couch as they brought each group of fans in.

The tour guide asked who their favorite cast member was, before directing them to smile at the camera for a picture-perfect moment. The groups had no idea a former cast member was lurking!

The Scare of a Lifetime

Jennifer aniston standing up from behind the couch and looking upset on the set of friends
YouTube | The Ellen Show

This 50-year-old “Friends” star then jumped up from behind the couch. When the first set of girls, pictured above, were asked who their favorite “Friends” cast member was, one said confidently it was Ross, played by David Schwimmer.

Jennifer clearly took offense to this, and cried in mock-anger as she stood. “Ross? What? Who said Ross?”

This continued throughout the day, as numerous fans of the show refused to name Rachel Green, Jen’s iconic character, as their favorite.

Numerous named Joey or Pheobe, however.

Jennifer Seemed at Home on Set

“Friends” filmed for ten years, with over 230 episodes, so it’s no surprise that she felt comfortable on her old set. This is the actual set, too – this isn’t a replica, but where all the magic really happened.

Jennifer slipped into her role as Rachel easily again, and even offered two girls who were posing with mugs more coffee.

jennifer aniston offering coffee to girls sitting on the Friends couch
YouTube | The Ellen Show

When one of the girls tried to take her up on her offer of coffee, Aniston gives the girl a look and indicates that the pot is clearly empty. “This is fake.” She says flatly. “We have to pretend.”

That’s the only time that gag is shown.

Is This Real? Am I Dreaming?

Two women visiting the studio were so taken aback by Jennifer’s appearance they had almost no reaction to her popping out from behind the couch. Disappointed, Jen jumps back for a moment before talking with the women.

“Is this real? Am I dreaming?” One asks in amazement. “Is that a mask?”

Jen jokingly tugs at her face before saying no, this is real, there’s no mask.

jennifer aniston talking with girls on the central perk couch set
YouTube | The Ellen Show

When one of the girls asks Jen if they actually film there, she goes, “No, I live here.”

Everyone Saw the Ellen Taping

all the girls from the central perk video in the starbucks skybox
YouTube | The Ellen Show

Jennifer, as a guest host, used her powers for good, too. She brought all the girls to the taping of the “Ellen” show that she was hosting, where the video appeared, and put them in something called the Starbucks Skybox, which seems like very swanky “Ellen” seating.

“Now that you’re all here, you get to watch your third favorite Friends!” Jennifer said happily.

Jennifer is making the media rounds for her new show, “The Morning Show,” available on Apple TV now.