The vast majority of people in America have less than $1,000 in savings. That’s not surprising, but it is unfortunate. So, what can we do to remedy this? Well, here are some ways to save money when you’re broke. They’re all straightforward, easy ways to change your perception and your spending. Trust us, these will help you!

Make a Budget

As any college kid will tell you, there are different kinds of broke. Some people say they’re broke when they’re just overspending on fun stuff. If this is you, your first step needs to be to make a budget. Your budget should account for every penny you make. Make sure everything you spend (and save) is accounted for in your budget.

That way, the temptation to impulse buy or overspend is curtailed. You could likely be saving a lot more money than you think, but you keep buying shiny new toys at the store whenever you see them. Cut that out!

Side Hustle

Now, if you’re the other kind of broke (the “I have no money in my checking account” broke) it’s time to make some bigger changes. First things first: get a side hustle if you can. Mow lawns, babysit, walk dogs, drive for a ridesharing company, whatever you gotta do. Get that money coming in!

The second thing that can help here is downsizing. Is your apartment or house too big for your income? Move to a smaller one. Do you own a ton of valuable things that you never use? Sell those things! If you’re struggling to make money for food and you’ve got expensive stuff you aren’t using, that’s a waste! Get your finances right and when you level out just buy back whatever cool stuff you had to sell. Your guitar won’t be too angry, we promise.

Cancel Your Subscriptions

This is a place where overspending might be happening, and you don’t realize it. If you have Hulu, Netflix, a gym membership, a subscription to an online magazine and Apple Music, you’re likely bleeding a lot of money on automatic payments. These are payments that aren’t necessary, so you should cut them out. Cancel these subscriptions.

I know, I know, it sucks to not have these things. But you know what sucks even more? Being dead broke and having nothing to show for it but a gym membership you can’t use because you’re too hungry to work out. Cover your basics first!

Open a Savings Account

I don’t care if you have a dollar to put into it, you need to open a savings account. There has to be a place for you to squirrel away money you’re trying to save. Get in the habit of stashing any extra money you get rather than spending it.

You’re likely overspending on luxuries, or, at the very least, you could be saving a couple of bucks a week. Just start somewhere and try to put as much as you can into a savings account. Sometimes you have to just fake it until you make it!