Frugal Living: What You Don’t Know About Saving Money


If you’re not used to frugal living, you might not realize how easy it can be to save money and still live well. People who haven’t gotten used to the idea of saving money wherever they can often don’t realize the ways in which they’re losing money. Let’s take a look at some surprising ways to save you might have never realized.

Never Buy New

You can buy pretty much anything you need (within reason) secondhand. While we wouldn’t advise buying used toothbrushes or plungers, pretty much every other household item can be scooped up on the cheap if you know where to look.

Need a microwave, a new couch, a new set of clothes, new shoes, new video games to play? Check secondhand seller sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook marketplace.

Seriously, don’t buy anything new if you’re trying to live frugally. You don’t need a new car every few years: used cars are just as good and significantly cheaper. New wardrobe every season? Sure, just hit a thrift store, drop off your old clothes, and buy a new set of outfits for pennies on the dollar compared to brand-name clothes.

Keeping it Cheap to Eat

Grocery stores give out coupons all the time. Restaurants in your area are constantly offering deals and promotions to keep the cost on your bill down. You can make the fanciest meals in your own house from scratch with a bit of research and elbow grease.

Look, let’s face it: you don’t need to be paying full price for anything. It might be convenient to walk in and just buy whatever you want, but you’ll pay for that convenience. You can keep the costs low and still eat well if you just keep your eyes peeled for the best deals on your favorite foods.

Entertainment on a Budget

There’s more free entertainment than you might realize. Of course, there are free streaming TV and movie services, as well as promotions that give away free video games. However, beyond just that, you could go to your local library and check out books to your heart’s content. Interested in culture? See if any museums or art exhibits in your area have a free day.

Sometimes, local performing troupes will put on free shows in parks or other public venues. This is a great way to find some entertainment, support the community, and save money all at once. What’s not to love about living on a budget?