Enjoy Sleeping, Eating, And Watching TV While Making Cash? Then Read This!


  • Receive extra cash while you eat, sleep, and watch TV. Forget “clocking in” to work additional hours after your exhausting 9 to 5.
  • Get paid by Restuarant Cops to eat out at some of your favorite restaurant chains as you record your experience.
  • Participate in sleep studies at local federally ran clinical trials.
  • View Youtube videos and TV shows on your smart device for Swagbucks or hard cash.
  • Become a dog or people walker to make extra money during your daily strolls.

Scoring a little bit of extra cash can often take time and effort that you just don’t have. Either your 9 to 5 job is exhausting or you want to spend time relaxing rather than continuing the grind. Well, what if you could earn some additional money while doing the things you enjoy and at the same time avoid the tedious side hustles?

Do I have your attention? Good! Read below to find out how to stuff your wallet as you sleep, eat, watch TV, and take a walk during your spare time.

Devouring Restaurant Food

Assuming that you enjoy going out to eat, why not make some extra cash while you cut into that delicious steak? There are services available that are very similar to mystery shopping. You simply take an assignment, eat at a restaurant and submit your detailed experience.

Restaurant Cops is a popular site that is always accepting applications. Once you sign up and are accepted, you’ll proceed with an assignment and get reimbursed for your meal. If your analysis is satisfactory, you could receive anywhere from $5 to $15 for your time. Worst case scenario you get some free grub.

Drooling on Your Pillow

There is nothing better than an afternoon nap. Well, maybe there is. How does getting paid for a full night’s sleep sound? Well, Mattress Firm is one company that hires interns during the summer for 30 hours a week. You will need to spend your time in Houston, Texas but it’s certainly something to look into if you’re still in school.

However, if you would like to stay local, check out the federal government’s clinical trials website to discover other sleep studies near you. One writer once received $12,000 for 11 days of snoring to her heart’s content. It’s definitely worth looking into.

Channel Surfing in Your Recliner

With all the latest streaming services and original TV series that are available now, people are watching more shows than ever before. It sure would be nice to get paid for your opinion or review of the videos you already watch.

Swagbucks certainly delivers as they will reward you with points for watching videos on your smart device. These points can be exchanged for gift cards to some of your favorite places. You can even look into How to Watch if you are a dedicated TV watcher. They will pay you $2000 for 100 hours of committed TV watching and pristine note-taking. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Taking a Stroll Through the Park

A healthy way to enjoy your leisure time is to take a walk outside. Whether it’s through a park, along a trail, or just around the neighborhood, you can use your walking time to make a little extra cash.

If you love dogs, Rover is a great freelance site that connects you with pet owners that need assistance with their furry companion. Communicate, book, and get paid through the app as you take local pets with you during your daily stroll.

Did you know you can also walk people? It sounds a bit strange at first but it’s actually quite popular. People Walker allows you to match up with people of common interest and take a walk with them. You may just meet a new best friend and get paid to do it.

If you’re an avid podcast listener and prefer to walk alone, look into Podcoin. This app will give you a podcoin for every 10 minutes of audio you listen to. Your podcoins can then be exchanged for gift cards and prizes. Some prizes may take a while to earn, but Bose wireless headphones aren’t too shabby!