Almost every credit card comes bundled with a reward program. Some are much more lucrative than others, but it’s still nice to get something in return when paying your bills or making other necessary payments. Well, there are ways to maximize your earnings each time you “swipe” your card.

Cash-Back Online Portals

It is well-known that sites like or offer varying amounts of cash-back percentages when you shop online. They offer secret “back doors” into some of your favorite retailers that unlock extra savings just for purchasing items online.

Receiving cash-back from the places you love is a huge incentive to shop online. But you can “take it up a notch” by using a cash-back credit card to make these purchases. This allows you to not only save money on the items you want but it also increases the rewards you earn with your credit card provider. It’s a win-win!

Email Lists And Credit Card Accounts

Signing up for a retailer’s email list can net immediate gains and it only takes 30 seconds. Whether online or in-store, many retailers will offer different discounts on your first purchase when you sign-up for their email list or their credit card. Make sure to check your email often—don’t forget the spam folder—for special offers before making purchases.

When logging in to manage your credit card, many issuers will provide links to certain retailers that will allow you to get even more cash back when making purchases online. Whether it’s a discount or reward points, it never hurts to check for special offers from your credit card provider. Just be careful you don’t forget to pay the balance on your card since that’s usually the only time people log-in to their account anyway.

Discount Gift Cards

Life seems to get busier and busier with each passing day. So it’s understandable to miss phone calls, be late to a dinner party or completely forget your best friend’s birthday. And everyone knows the “go-to” emergency present is a gift card. If you’re buying a gift card for a friend, why not get yourself a little something as well.

If you have a credit card that gives you cash-back rewards at certain retailers, try to purchase your belated birthday gift cards there. You will earn the same type of rewards as you would if you were buying groceries or other household necessities.

Another way to save on gift card purchases is to shop online at Here you will find people selling their unwanted gift cards at below face-value prices. This allows you to maximize your savings and receive a terrific value.

Take the Time to Take Your Time

A little bit of time and research is well worth it in the end. Taking an extra 5-10 minutes to look for online bargains, sign-up for a credit card, or subscribe to an email list can result in huge savings and rewards.