Best Beauty Products of 2019


An average pillow has over 1.5 million dust mites (and their feces!) living on the surface of your pillowcase. Yet every night we lay our faces into our infested pillows for up to 8 hours! It’s no wonder we wake up with itchy, inflamed skin and stuffy noses.

Blissy is a hypoallergenic silk pillowcase that’s recommended by leading dermatologists for anyone suffering from allergies. This simple pillowcase is made of , a natural shield against irritating dust mites! With Blissy, you can repel the millions of dust mites and wake up with smoother skin and clearer sinuses.


Ever wonder how celebrities and models keep their skin glowing all year round? The secret is a surprising ingredient! Vitamin C.

But not all Vitamin C is made equal. BeautyStat has the exact concentration of Vitamin C to help with collagen production and It’s the ONLY Vitamin C treatment that doesn’t turn brown in a week. Which means you get potent, rejuvenating formula until the very last drop.


Has your skin or hair been feeling unusually dry lately? It wouldn’t be surprising, if you’re taking regular showers. Unfiltered shower water often has chlorine and other harmful chemicals, which can dry out your skin and leave you feeling itchy or uncomfortable.

We looked into a number of different home remedies, but the only permanent solution we found was .  NatureSpa is an easy and affordable way to purify toxic chemicals in shower water and restore it to a healthy pH level.


Tired of tossing and turning every night? You’re not alone. Over 68% of Americans have trouble sleeping every week! But the culprit of this sleep epidemic is no mystery…

Millions of Americans are using old, lumpy pillows that are the root cause of stiff necks, back pain, and terrible sleep. Thankfully, we discovered SleepNow. It actually has , so that it’s comfortable in any sleep position. It’s made with hypoallergenic and cooling materials, so that we can sleep without worrying about itching or night sweats.

If you have trouble sleeping, then you need to try this!