Bad credit? Yeah, me too. Here’s how I fixed it.


Growing up, I didn’t understand what credit was. I didn’t appreciate how important it was to pay my bills on time, or not take out too many loans… if a bank wanted to give me money, who was I to say no?

Then my car broke down. And I ended up buried in hospital bills. And I had to take off work for treatment, all within a few months. I ended up in debt, and my credit score tanked.

I dug out of it, slowly, but my credit suffered. I couldn’t buy a house, I got the worst rates for my car loan, and I had zero credit cards. If an emergency happened, I had no financial backup plan, and I had no idea how to start repairing my credit.


Then a friend told me about Horizon Gold when I needed extra cash in a pinch for a bill I didn’t expect. I tried to explain to her that I didn’t have any credit, and no one would give me another credit card, but she said she used to be the same and they approved her.

I didn’t have anything to lose, so I applied.

And I was approved.

How It Helped Me In My Daily Life

I got a $500 credit limit immediately, no credit check, no background check. It took all of ten minutes and I was approved, and my card was in the mail.

I was able to pay off that bill without a second thought, and I started using the card for my daily expense. Gas and groceries, mostly. I would pay it off right away, and it was there for emergencies, like when my car needed new tires or my mother had an emergency and I had to miss 3 days of work — that was 3 days of income I never got back.


How It Fixed My Credit

By regularly using, and paying off, my Horizon Gold card I was able to show credit agencies that I could, in fact, be responsible. Each payment put me on the right track and improved my score.

And I really was able to improve my credit! For a long time, I thought it would be hopeless – I would forever be stuck with an awful score.

This meant I could refinance my car, giving me a better rate and ultimately saving me money each month.

Having a good credit score changes so much about your life. I’ll be able to get loans for things I need, buy a house, pay off my car. All because I decided that trying Horizon Credit was a good chance to take. They rescued me from a bad situation, and — however dramatic this sounds — it changed my life.