7 Practical & Entertaining Free Samples for the Summer


Let’s be honest, summertime is for taking breaks and spending money. Whether it’s going on vacation, skipping work for a movie day, or working on that DIY home project, you’ve saved up money specifically to enjoy the summer months.

Well, what if you could keep some of that money in your wallet without missing a beat this summer? This is definitely a rhetorical question because we’ve done the work for you already. We’ve collected 7 online offers that can help you save money as you spend money.

Take a look below for more information.

Infant Care During Summer Vacation

If you have a special little one that requires extra love and care, you’ll want to make sure you bring all the essentials on your next vacation trip. Diapers, bath time necessities, and extra clothes are only a fraction of what you’ll need to pack. And these items can get expensive.

Good news! You can receive free samples of Huggies infant care products for your next road adventure. This will also allow you to try out a few new items that you may have been hesitant about spending money on previously.

Easy Clean up for Those Big Messes

Large families (and messy adults) are constantly cleaning up after themselves. Whether it’s coffee spills, dirty shoes, summer art projects, or the obligatory bathroom mishap the duty of household janitor is never done.

If only there was an endless supply of cleaning supplies. Well, we can’t give you that but we can offer these free samples of Charmin paper towels and toilet paper.

DIY Gift Card and Free Tool Samples

As you work on your next DIY summer project, you’ll definitely need new materials. Perhaps you’re working on a new deck or building a half pipe for your kids and their friends, a little free money could be useful. The Home Depot is offering a free gift card for your purchases.


Maybe you’ve completely worn out your latest tools and are in the market for new ones. Click the link below to find out how you can receive free DeWALT tool samples for your next project.

button_free-dewalt-samples (1)

Movie Night Adventure

Some of the most anticipated blockbuster movies release during the summer. You could go to the movies once a week and still not watch every movie that you’ve been looking forward to. Even if you could, it would get mighty expensive.

That’s why we present to you a free offer from AMC Theaters for movie tickets and concessions for your next movie day adventure. This way, you can see two movies in one week for the price of one!


Early Morning & Late Night Snacks

Unfortunately, many of us still have to go to work during the week. A real bummer for sure. However, you can enjoy a nice little pick-me-up in the morning with a sample from Dunkin Donuts. Whether it’s a sugar-induced donut or a refreshing cup of coffee, heading into work will be less painful.


But don’t forget about that late night craving you get for your favorite fast food restaurant coming home from a fun summer concert. Burger King has you covered with their juicy burgers and crispy fries. Late night drive-through trips were always the best.