2020 Fashion Trends Straight Off the Runway


If you want to look like a celebrity and be on the cutting edge of fashion in 2020, then you need to know about these style trends! Just keep in mind that you should try one or two at a time–don’t attempt to pile on all the trends at once.

Wide Collars

Multiple designers tried out wide, winged collars on coats and shirts on the runway. Lanvin and Ferragmo, among others, think you’ll be wearing this disco-inspired fashion statement.

Major Ruffles

Keeping with the idea that “bigger is better,” we’ve been seeing some absolutely enormous tiered dresses coming down the runway. Oscar de la Renta, McQueen and Dior all flirted with these dust-ruffle adjacent looks.

Neon Colors

Maybe Billie Eilish is onto something with her highlighter green roots? Even relatively conservative designer Tom Ford is looking to neon pink, orange, and green this year. Are you bold enough to pull off one of those shades?

Formal Shorts

Bermuda shorts suits are going to be huge–at least if Givenchy and Chloe have anything to say about it. Pairing knee-length, crisply tailored shorts with boxy blazers is an updated way to wear a power suit.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are such a cheerful, vintage-feeling print–and multiple designers have embraced them for 2020. Look out for Carolina Herrera and Balmain, who are playing with delightfully retro dotted prints.

Puffed Sleeves

Anne Shirley would be thrilled by the trend for massive puffy sleeves. We’ve already started seeing celebrities rocking this look on the red carpet, and the fashion trend doesn’t seem to be cooling down.

Blurred Lines

One of the most fascinating fashion trends for 2020 is the way that the line between menswear and women’s looks seems to be blurring. With more actresses dabbling in sleek suits for the red carpet–not to mention Billy Porter blowing everyone away with his dramatic style–we expect to see more unisex clothing in the future.